Outlawing Dual Agency?

As I was surfing the web this post on outlawing dual agency got my attention. The author is apparently a real estate agent in Seattle Washington and he relates the story of his cousin’s ordeal.

Trevor (the author) attempts to clarify which type of dual agency should be outlawed. He believes that 2 different agents in the same company each representing a buyer and seller is fine. It is when one agent represents both buyer and seller that there is a problem.

To begin the first instance is dual agency, however more specifically designated agency.

The story that turned Trevor into a non-believer involves an on site agent who wrote up a contract for Trevor’s cousin. Now apparently the contract was very “seller sided” with no inspection contingencies and very liberal finance contingencies. Added to that the fact that the agent pushed the cousin towards the builders “preferred lender” which happened to be the agent’s husband. Oh and the agent had the cousin sign about being told about different forms of agency, however these agencies were not explained.

Here are the issues I see with this.

Foremost is the “Working With Real Estate Agents” lacking presentation. This is not an isolated incident. In North Carolina this is the number 1 most received complaint to the Real Estate Commission that buyers and sellers were not fully aware of who the agent represented in the transaction.

Fact- The agent should have clearly explained each form of agency that exists when working with a real estate professional.

With respect to the contingencies in the contract the two the author cited are pretty standard to all pre-approved real estate contracts in most states.

Fact - In a dual agency situation where the same agent represents the buyer and seller the only way to handle it is just to act as the go between with NO COUNSELING to either side. The agent should have filled out the contract with the standard contingencies just as they would have for any other buyer not in a dual agency relationship.

The cousin was referred to the builders “preferred lender” so agent could receive additional bonuses.

Fact - There is absolutely nothing wrong with an agent receiving commissions or bonuses as the buyer agent, seller agent or even acting as the lender (if licensed to do so.) The truth is the majority of buyers could care less what you make and the seller doesn’t care where the money comes from…AS LONG AS YOU DISCLOSE EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE. This agent seems to have not provided full disclosure to the cousin.

Personally I believe this is not a case of a dual agency problem, it is a case of an agent acting out of greed, non-disclosure and doing a disservice to both the buyer and the seller.

If one were to believe the author’s stance that dual agency should be outlawed then another huge situation arises. That situation is that if you cannot act as a dual agent then you legally CANNOT SHOW ANY HOMES THAT ARE LISTED with your company. Now if you are a small operation this may be no big deal. On the other hand if you are one of the larger franchisers with 400+ agents this could put a huge amount of qualified homes out of the reach of your well qualified buyer.

Bottom line is as a real estate professional you must always be honest and disclose everything no matter how minor you may feel it to be.

When you bought or sold a home was agency explained to you?

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