Real Estate Pros Now Have Their Own Social Networking Site Social Networking Site Launches to Bring Together Cross-Industry Real Estate Professionals

First site to Offer Full Set of Networking Tools
for All Real Estate Professions, Including Development, Brokerage, Finance, Investment,
Appraisal, Construction and Government, the world’s first website to meet the specific needs of cross-industry real estate professionals, launched today with more than 330,000 new members. The social media website is the only site aimed at bringing together professionals from all real estate-related industries, including 40 professions in areas such as development, brokerage, finance, investment, appraisal, construction and government. Cross-industry professionals from residential, commercial, industrial, retail and office segments now have a central place for networking, collaboration and business expansion.

The brainchild of Ryan Slack,’s former CEO, and his partners Mark Schacknies and Nima Negahban, addresses the specific needs of real estate professionals. “The more generalist sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, are not sufficient to meet the needs and growing challenges of real estate professionals,” said Slack, CEO of “We’ve taken the best of social networking and combined it with tools designed to help our users’ businesses.”

Slack adds that while there are a few other websites aimed at real estate business, these sites only provide blogs and forums aimed at residential real estate agents and consumers. “In this challenging real estate environment, we aim to help real estate professionals increase the

number of market opportunities that will allow them to accelerate their business,” said Slack. “ is a business tool delivered through a social networking site. Not only can members network with one another, they can use the site to manage projects and deals with all professionals involved.” complements, the real estate data site which incubated it, and has leveraged PropertyShark’s established members of 330,000 users. PropertyShark provides detailed parcel-level property data and the tools for members to make the most of that information.’s Features Specific to Needs of Real Estate Business combines the best social networking techniques with powerful tools specific to the needs of real estate professionals. Its

features are designed to help users expand professional networks, find new business and manage projects. Features include user profiles, messaging, networking and marketplace listings, as well as:

Deals – features a unique deal management system that allows users to post their professional activities to gain credibility, promotion for their

projects, seek funding, market properties and share files

Mini-feed – provides users insight into the projects and deal flow within their network

Events – lists opportunities for real estate professionals to connect in person, including networking mixers, speed networking, conferences, training, site visits, fundraisers, sporting events, and more

Groups – enables users to join or form their own groups for specific purposes, such as organizing events, sharing deal information, collaborating, forming company teams, office networks and investment clubs

Natural groups – automatically groups users by company, profession, location, educational institution, professional association, state licensing and professional designation, to allow easy search and identification of potential clients, business partners, or service providers

Services – provides powerful tools to search and match users with complementary business partners

Jobs – provides its users with opportunities to find or advertise job openings specific to the real estate industry. The Jobs feature is scheduled for release in June

Specifications and Pricing is now available, and membership is free. Premium subscription services will be available in coming months to provide powerful work tools such as: matchmaking referral services, VIP features and privileges which raise a user’s visibility on the site, e-mail contact tools and advanced group/event tools, such as the ability for members to charge fees for events or group membership.

With over 330,000 professional members, is the only professional networking site for the entire real estate ecosystem, including architects, developers, investors, appraisers, publicists, attorneys, lenders and 33 other distinct professions within the real estate industry.

Members manage their deals and projects, form groups, sign up for events and expand their professional networks, all with the goal in mind of doing more and better business. addresses the needs of all professional real estate participants, especially in a down market, by providing opportunities for self-marketing, deal advertisement, and locating investors/buyers.

Originally founded in May of 2007 by Mark Schacknies, a real estate developer, and Nima Negahban, was acquired in March 2008 by MDB LLC, a firm run by CEO Ryan Slack, who left to lead the new company. MDB LLC is a marketing partner of and leverages the existing user base of is headquartered in New York City.

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